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Get your FREE racket restring now
with any string set up

Limited Offer (Normally £19) *Available on 1st restring only 

1. Click 'Choose' on your set up below

2. You'll be asked when you would like to drop your racket off

3. Drop your racket to us at Forest Park, Bracknell RG12 0XJ (You will be sent building number once we confirm appointment)

Choose YOUR string set Up

 Click on 'CHOOSE THIS SET UP' button next to option below 


# 1

Black Lightning

1 (1).png

Lightening quick speed, shocking power, precision striking.

A lethal combination, this Black on black hybrid string bed produces electrifying results in performance. Head Sonic Pro/Technifibre Synthetic

Arrow (4).png


# 2

Direct Assault

2. assault2.png

Aggressive attack, bullet precision ground shots, all round onslaught.

Taking no prisoners, this white on black hybrid offers a deadly assault from all angles.

Head Sonic Pro/Wilson Sensation


# 3

Control Freak

3. control freak1.png

Ultimate precision, meticulous touch, complete authority.

While dominating the ball, this full poly string bed paints the perfect shot.

Head Sonic Pro Polyester


# 4

Stealth Power

Supercharged power, dazzling spin, sleek touch.

Hidden in its full black string bed is bundle of power ready to be unlocked.

Technifibre Synthetic Gut Black

New Project (90).png


# 5

Silky Touch

Smooth power, amazing feel, ultimate forgiveness.

Your elbow will thank you, let this soft multi-filament string bed caress your arm.

Wilson Sensation Comfort

5 (1).png
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