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reviews: Testimonials

When I went to the guys at Westring I had no idea what I was doing. They gave me great advice and recommended a string set up for me. My racket feels amazing and my game has improved so much. I must have really needed a restring, I wish I did this sooner!

Armin Teymouri

I thought I was going to have to give up tennis due to my chronic tennis elbow. After speaking to David at Westring, he recommended I change to a more suitable string and also adjust my tension. Since then my arm has felt so much better and as long as I am sensible I can play  every week again!

Jane Taylor

I break the strings on at least one racket a week and I never go anywhere else other than to the guys at Westring. Their service is great and always string my rackets just how I like them.

Chris Alexandre

My son had a tournament the next day and had snapped all his rackets. We desperately found Westring last minute and they urgently strung his rackets on the same day. I am so grateful they are life savers! Unfortunately my son didn't win the tournament at no fault of the rackets though! Highly recommend these guys and will definitely be using them again.

Ian Radlett

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