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Which String To Choose?

 Below is a list of types of string and the main features of each. 

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Synthetic Gut String

This type of string is the all time best selling worldwide, perfect for all round playing, covering most bases and ideal if you are not sure what string you like or require.

The elastic resin bonding process provides exceptional elastic power while the construction of the fibres ensures that control is never compromised.

-Good all round performance

-Provides power & control

-Soft and easy on the arm

-Good feel for the ball

-Medium durability

-Similar to Prince Synthetic Gut

Multifilament String

One of the softest and most playable strings, perfect for tennis elbow sufferers or juniors. The flexibility of these string gives power and control with complete feel and comfort.

Multifilament construction developed to provide a soft string with gut like feel.

-Best string for tennis elbow

-Extremely easy on the arm

-Provides power and control

-Low durability

-Similar to Wilson Comfort & Babolat Addiction

Polyester String

Built for pure power and added durability, this string is perfect for power players and string breakers. Coming in 17g to give that extra playability this is one seriously powerful string.

The ultimate power string. Excellent explosive power and minimal loss of tension.

-Extremely powerful

-Harsher on the arm

-Higher durability

-Similar to Luxilon Big Banger

Soft Polyester String

Soft polyester strings are newer to the market and provide a compromise between a harsh powerful polyester string and its softer alternatives.
It brings a more all rounded playability with power, control and durability.

A durable co-polyester monofilament string that has been through a unique chemical treatment to offer excellent balance of power and control.

-Great control and feel

-Good power

-Not too harsh on the arm

-Medium durability

-Similar to Head Sonic Pro

Shaped/Textured Polyester String

These strings are made to increase top spin and power. As their name suggests they are textured or shaped to increase both string movement and grip on the ball producing a significant amount of added top spin, especially if you are a player who already generates top spin. (This string will not add any more spin if you already hit the ball very flat).

Specially developed to help the modern player achieve increased levels of spin and power but with excellent control.

-Massive amount of additional top spin

-Added power

-Comfortable string okay on the arm

-Higher durability

-Similar to Babolat RPM Blast

Hybrid String - A mixture of 2 different strings in the mains and crosses

We highly recommend a hybrid string set up and it is increasingly becoming the most popular choice for pro and club level players with the likes of Roger Federer preferring this string set up.

With strings there is always a compromise between power, control, feel and durability.

The idea of a hybrid set up, is to mix a stiffer more powerful string (Polyester) in the mains with a softer more comfortable string (Multifilament) in the crosses to get a 'best of both worlds' set up.

-Balance of Power and control

-Good feel

-Better on the elbow than just all polyester

-Medium durability

-Similar to Roger Federer's string set up

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