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Hopefully these will help...

What tension do I need?

Tensions are specific to both the racket and player. You can learn more about tensions and read our recommendations on our ‘Choosing a tension’ page.

What string do I need?

Strings are a personal preference of the player. You can learn more about strings and read our recommendations on our ‘Choosing a string’ page.

I want a specific string but you do not stock it what should I do?

You are more than welcome to source your own string and bring it to us with your racket to string.

Where to find my rackets recommended tension?

This should be on the inside or outside of the frame on the head or throat of the racket in very small writing along side other racket specifications. Failing that, a simple google search will help, for example ‘Wilson Pro Staff 97 recommended tension’.

What do you recommend for people with tennis elbow?

We would recommend a very soft string such as our Mantis Comfort Multifilament string and a mid tension.

What grips do you have?

We use Mantis Tour Pro replacement grips. We have found them to be the highest quality in terms of absorbency, comfort and durability with a slightly tacky feel.

Can you tell me about Mantis strings?

Mantis strings are ahead of the curve in many ways. Bringing together many benefits and technologies from other strings, Mantis have managed to produce a professional range with outstanding performance quickly gaining popularity form both club and competitive players.

I have tried calling but no one is answering?

We run on limited staff and can not always answer the phone.
Please send us:

An EmailMessage from our contact pageText message; or Facebook messenger message; and we will get back to you usually within the hour if not straight way.

What Payments methods do you accept?

We are currently not set up to accept card payments. For the time being accept bank transfer payments. This can be paid on collection of the racket.

What stringing machine do you use?

We use the industry’s top of the range, electric constant pull Babolat Sensor stringing machine.

How do I go about getting my racket restrung?

Just send us a message of when you need your racket strung by and we will let you know when we can do it and when you can drop it to us. Then just tell us your requirements and drop your racket round!

How long does it take to string my racket?

Rackets will usually be ready to be collected after 48 hours of drop off (If required). We do a same day/24 hours express service for an extra charge. This service is only available dependant on our workload, so send us a message and we will let you know if we can accommodate. Best case scenario we can have your racket complete within 2 hours if needs be and the appropriate service is chosen. Check out our services page. Or contact us now to check our availability.

Were you the stringers at The Fitco sports shops inside Esporta, Virgin Active and David Lloyd health clubs?

Yes, we have been stringing in these sports stores for the last decade and have now set up as a standalone business on our own.

Where exactly are you based?

We are base in Wokingham Road, Bracknell, RG42 1AE. Please get in contact and we will let you know the exact address to drop the racket to.

What are your opening hours?

We are very flexible and open all sorts of hours. We have no set hours so please get in contact and we will let you know if we can string your racket when you need. Our service is dependant on workload and stringer availability but on most occasions we should be able to accommodate your requirements.

When can I drop my racket to you?

Upon contacting us we will range a time for you to drop off and pick up your racket based around your requirements. Normally same day if needed.

Can you string rackets urgently?

We do offer an urgent stringing service for an extra fee. Please get in contact to see if we can accommodate as this service is based on workload and stringer availability.

My string broke quite quickly after it being restrung with you what should I do?

Sometimes strings break from a mishit, an extremely hard shot or catching the frame on the ground. This is down to the player and not the stringer. Frame damage can also produce sharp edges on the gromet strip that cause strings to snap quickly. If a string breaks at the grommet in the same place on multiple occasions there is a possibility you need to replace your grommet strip. We can check your racket for this.

Some strings are also less durable than others or what you may have been used to in the past. Unfortunately, the better performing, more playable strings tend to be less durable and snap quicker. Softer strings may show signs of fraying also.

If you are a hard hitter and a string breaker you may find you need to buy a thicker gauge more durable string that we do not stock if you want your strings to last longer. Again, this will be at the expense of performance/playability.

On rare occasions that a knot has come undone, or a string may have been faulty, we can correct this for you. We will determine this on inspection.

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